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Sheng phase group was founded in May 1998, is a large private enterprises, the headquarters is located in Dongli District of Tianjin City Huaming Road No. 22. The group has a subsidiary of Tianjin Sheng phase Electronics Co., Ltd., Tianjin Sheng Yi automotive products Co., Ltd., Tianjin tengchuang Precision Mold Co., Ltd., and other real estate projects, such as enterprise ad, Zhongsheng Automotive Industrial Park and so on. Since its inception, Sheng Xiang Group has been committed to "continuous progress, the pursuit of perfection, customer satisfaction suppliers." The management concept, starting from home appliance components, and constantly changing and upgrading in the market development, has become a comprehensive group involving the automotive industry, industrial real estate, financial investment and other fields.

In the automotive industry, Sheng Xiang Group focuses on the development and application of new technologies. The three subsidiaries of the company specializes in the research and development of injection molding products, injection molding and post process processing, which are integrated with mold development, injection molding, spraying, assembly, carving and printing. It has a complete computer numerical control injection molding equipment, mold development and maintenance equipment, precision inspection equipment, automatic spraying production line, radium carving and silk screen production line and industrial automation equipment factory. Products related to automotive interior parts, exterior parts and functional parts, electronic products etc.. Automobile ornaments and functional parts are mainly car license plate frame, fog light frame, seat backboard, line pipe groove, engine buckle cover, door board, armrest board, rear bumper, etc. the electronic products mainly include control switch, automobile instrument, car audio, automobile navigation system, power amplifier, air conditioner controller, control control, and control. Integrated panel, body control module, power control module and so on.

In the real estate industry, Sheng phase group currently has development projects in enterprises, Zhongsheng automobile industrial park. The company is located in the Tianjin demonstration Industrial Park, Huaming Industrial Park, with a total area of 50 thousand square meters, with a total construction scale of 100 thousand square meters, with a total investment of about 800 million yuan. The project is divided into two stages of development. The design includes 5, 6, 10 double spelling and single building office buildings. It mainly provides headquarters type office space for large and medium-sized enterprises. Each household is a household from one floor to the roof, with an area of 1000, which forms a completely independent office, R & D and living space. Floors, elevators and sanitation facilities are set up independently at all levels to ensure complete and spacious interior space. Zhongsheng automobile industrial park is located in the South Bank of the lower reaches of Tianjin Haihe, Jinnan District, with a total area of about 110 thousand square meters, with a total building area of about 170 thousand square meters, with a total investment of about 700 million yuan. The project is mainly built around the automobile industry, and it has developed into an industrial project of automobile component production, precision mold, high value-added automotive electronics and assembly as a whole.

At present, with the working policy of "focusing on the automobile industry, developing industrial property and developing financial investment", Sheng phase group is gradually building a two wing development pattern of "high-end manufacturing, real estate upgrading and financial innovation". It makes full use of the two wheels of scientific and technological innovation and capital operation to promote the rapid development and upgrading of the enterprise, and is committed to the development of the enterprise. Become a leader in the auto parts industry in the real estate business, leading the financial investment in the field is not the loser.

With the mission of "service enterprise production and operation, promoting regional economic development", Sheng phase group takes the core values of "integrity, innovation and specialty", and endeavours to build a first-class enterprise with international competitiveness.

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